KEP Italia is an Italian company that designs and manufactures the best equestrian helmets. As a result of the company's founder's passion, initially only dedicated equestrian helmets were produced. After some time, the production of TOP LINE accessories began. They have been designed to combine style with the utility of rider protection tools with maximum technology and elegance. Enthusiasm, innovation, commitment, respect for others and for the environment are the definitions used by KEP. KEP ITALIA - a way of life.

Kep Italia is very open to individual customer needs and decided to set up a helmet personalization service. He also added the possibility of labeling the helmets in the form of metal plates with a name or a monogram to give it a unique character. On request, riding helmets can be personalized by coloring with the selected colors of the stable or your favorite flag, or with other personal accents.

We encourage you to personalize the helmets for yourself via the website: - the obtained configuration can be sent to us, and we will quote the helmet for you and inform you about the implementation dates.